Saturday, February 03, 2007

More From The ADherents

So DdH has replied to my post on the discussion board, with an email, he apparently doesn't want the members of the board to see it. Here it is, with my response below.
Yes or no to the question: are you SINCERELY interested in learning about AD?


My response:
Yes I am sincerely interested in learning about AD, that however does not mean that I believe it is correct.

What you actually mean is if you let me back in will I stop being a naughty boy and asking impertinent questions, right? The answer to that is categorically no. That is not how science works, all theories are fair game, if AD cannot withstand the rough and tumble of experiment and investigation then it doesn't deserve any further work.
I'm guessing this ends my participation in the group, its good to see others are continuing in a similar vein though.