Monday, February 05, 2007

AD Update

As it now seems that I am persona non grata over at the AD discussion board (my messages are blocked, not even any replies by email now) I think its about time I wrapped things up. To this end I'm working on a large post, listing the problems with AD that I and others, JPS, ibaDaiRon etc have spotted. Where possible I'm going to let the ADherents talk for themselves. I'm hoping that eventually the post will make it to the top of the Google search list for Autodynamics, so when it appears any help you out there can give would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

Note: I have just seen the latest from DdH over at the discussion board:
Where does the rage from the AD bashers come from?

I really wonder. If we are so crazy, then no one should waste their
time coming here to be dragon slayers.

If anyone has a good explanation, I'd love here it. I'd don't understand why these people wouldn't feel stupid or embarrassed.

Anyways, I will start banning these guys now that we know they have some real emotional issues. From the blogs, we know thaty have a fixaction on bashing AD (for no good reason other than being disfunctional), they have no interest in learning it, and they can't even grasp the simple concepts of physics let alone AD.

They are simpletons who are trying to find the golden sword to kill AD. These days it's the velocity sum.

I have already started rejecting their messages. Some are in the stage of "AD people are uncivil and therefore ruin any chance of having outside people study AD". Boy, that's NOT a new one.

Next is to ban them.

Get a life people! Do something good for human kind. Stop being so disfunctional.

Unfortunately as DdH is not one to hear any dissenting opinions I can't respond to that on the message board, the sole purpose of which appears to be to hold a series of ass-kissing and toadying responses to DdH. So here is my response, I know he'll get to it in a day or so.

The reason I have taken an interest Dave, is because I'm a good old rational scientist, I believe that the best theory is the one that closest matches reality, using this as a yardstick AD is complete rubbish, the more people that have that explained to them the better. No one wants to end up like Carezani, wasting over 60 years and enduring many hardships because they didn't understand something, unfortunately there are plenty of people with too little knowledge of science and mathematics that your mumbo jumbo could confuse.

This is science not religion, all theories are not equal, just because you get prissy when someone points out problems with your theory is not going to stop anyone objectively examining it. There is no rage here, the word that best sums up my feelings towards your group is pity, you have gone too far to accept that you were wrong and will now waste the rest of your lives on a pointless pursuit, no amount of evidence, no logic or mathematics can now dissuade you from this path. Its such a waste. My only aim is to point out the obvious problems so that others do not waste their own time, I think the facts speak for themselves, people can decide for themselves once they have seen them. I am fairly sure what the outcome will be.

Oh and by the way, thanks for your continued patronage of this blog.