Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Conservapedia - 2

More Conservapedia gems. It's really hard to figure out which articles are real and which are satire. Not that it really matters because they're both funny. I'll actually post the relevant bits because I'm sure they won't be around in their original form for long, all bold is mine, all poor spelling is theirs.

Second Estate
The Second Estate was a social level in pre-revolutionary France. It consisted of the nobility, about 2% of the population, yet it controlled 20% of the land and paid very little taxes, much like welfare mothers in modern America.

The Battle Of Hastings
The Battle of Hastings was in AD 1066. William the Conquerer disguised himself as the Duke of Normandy and invaded England. He established himself as king, and ruled until 1086.
Er, he was the Duke of Normandy.

What a hole.
There's not much I could add to that exhaustive description is there? And yes that is the entire entry.

Spartan Soldiers

The most famous battle involving Spartan soliders was that of Thermopylae where, in 480 BC, a force of 300 hoplites under command of King Leonidas held back a massive Persian army under command of Xerxes. With nothing but spears, shields, and sweaty loincloths these soldiers fought off the following:

Wait a minute Rhinos and Elephants, well maybe but Mutants,? grenades?, Orcs and Goat-Men? Say what now?

Homeschooling is not new, and a disproportionate number of high achievers have been homeschooled throughout history. Here is a list of Christian homeschoolers:
You will notice if you check out their list of homeschooled Christian high achievers that the majority of them had one major advantage that more than explains their supposed high achieving status. They were born to rich families, generally in times when organised schools didn't really exist, so the fact that they got any education was a vast improvement on what most people at the time got. If your born to a rich family and can be educated at a time when very few others are, is it really a surprise you do well? Again a very poor example of confusing correlation with causation. But hey, we already know they aren't really up to scratch with their scientific methods right?

Possibly the saddest thing I have seen so far is in the entry for James Buchanan, it has the time and date of last editing.
This page was last modified 00:14, 1 January 2007.
I actually feel pretty sorry for the people involved now, go on, have fun, enjoy yourself, at least take New Year off. There will still be plenty of things to distort, lie about or otherwise mangle when you get back.


IbaDaiRon said...

The mutants, orcs & grenades stuff in the Spartan article is probably from that new movie...I forget the title—"The 300" or something like that—but it's based on a "graphic novel". (Which would have been called a comic book when I were yet a wee sprog.)

A bit off-topic (what else is new, eh?) but...someone has asked me to recommend a site for someone with a non-scientific background and who knows pretty much nothing about astronomy but wants to learn a bit about the basics. Any ideas?

(Ah, the movie is called just "300". One to wait for the DVD, methinks. And probably pass on even then.)

Anonymous said...

thought you might be interested to know that I checked out the Democratic Party article and, well, it isn't there. There's no stub or anything from which to read previous edits either... Seems somebody has final control over this thing, but they're evidently just too busy to keep pace.

Mark Norris said...

Oh well, I figured that someone would get round to removing it eventually. The person is probably A Schafly, he'll be pretty busy changing things back for the next few weeks I would guess.

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