Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Intelligent Life?

IbaDaiRon has come up with this great graph that shows the level of interest in the Autodynamics discussion board, its just the number of posts per month for the past year. In case your wondering the "Wow" signal is the signal of intelligent life that occurred when myself, jps and a few other rational people joined to ask a few questions. As opposed to the usual situation where DdH, Travis and Lucy sit around and feel victimised, or momentarily excited when some experiment is done which they don't understand but hope might provide some evidence to bolster their beliefs. I think we will see next month that the number of posts returns to a normal level of about 4-5 a month, seeing as anyone who agrees with DdH is not banned.
In case anyone cares I am still working on the monster post disproving AD, but it is going slowly due to the incredible amount of things to say, and its quite fiddly to make up the equations so that they are readable. It should be ready in a few days.