Monday, April 02, 2007

They're Back!

That's right every ones favourite crank science troupe the ADiots/ADherents have returned. See IbaDaiRons posts here and here for more details. I think something he said must have stirred them into action because I received the following email from Grandma Luce, regarding my long post on why Autodynamics is bogus (see here, its also a good place for people not familiar with Autodynamics to start).

Dear Mark:

Thanks you very much for you commercial on AD, event though it is absolutely false all what you said about AD. You didn't understand a word about it.

Your AD Sun Velocity Equation is absolutely wrong:
The AD's equation is:

Bn = (1 - ( (1- B1^2) ...... (1- (Bn-1)^2)))^1/2

Regarding the Kinetic Energy is needed to be very ignorant or a big liar to say that AD say that the energy is invariant.

Regarding System in Relative motion you didn't understand a word on what AD say and never you will understand it because you are not a scientist: You are a person poisoned by poison and hate.
It is your problem, no the AD's problem.

It is painful to see an English Gentleman plying so bad role.

My best regards, and thanks again for your propaganda.

Lucy Haye Ph. D.
SAA's member
Books's Manager.
I'm not sure why she didn't just post the reply to comments section of my post, my guess is that she didn't want anyone else to see it. Oops. As you can see she has not bothered to try to make any comments that actually refute my points, apart form claiming that I have got the wrong velocity sum equation, all I can say to that is that I put up the equation from the AD website, the AD website has a page with questions on where the velocity sum equation is given in the form I provide, the answer agrees that this is the correct form of the velocity sum equation. So which is it? right or wrong? To be honest it doesn't really matter the equation Luce gives doesn't reduce to the Galilean one anyway so its still wrong.

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, I had expected better from them, they claim that their theory is an improvement on GR and after over a month this is the best they can come up with to refute my objections? I at least thought they might try to explain away the fact that they claim Energy might be equal to mass times the speed of light cubed, which isn't even dimensionally allowed!

Come on ADiots, you really have to make a better show for yourselves. This is frankly just embarrassing.

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