Monday, April 23, 2007

New Crank On The Block

While perusing the Badastronomy discussion board I can across a particularly brilliant drive by poster, claiming that the Earth is stationary at the centre of the Universe for the following "reasons":

1. Copernicus never proved otherwise.

2. You are only parrotting this view because, as children you were intimidated and ridiculed to accept that view.

3. You are now adults, you can examine this view.

4. The Earth is NOT rotating because, there is no centrifugal force! You would weigh twice as much in Vancouver, Canada, like on Equator. You could bring diamonds from Peru, and sell it for twice as much in Canada, because they would weigh twice as much.

5. The planets are moving away from the Earth in ALL directions. Proving the Earth was at the center of the start of expansion. Thus, at the center of the universe.

6. Satellites are proving, that they rotate around the Earth without any engine because, the whole space around the Earth rotates. Including the Moon.

7. The constellations are the same for thousands of years since Babylonians came up with that that idea. That's because universe is not chaotic. As watched from the Earth everything rotates in the same way for thousands of years.

8. If the Earth rotated, the resulting winds would be worse than the hurricanes. Since the Earth's density is hundreds of times higher that of the surrounding atmosphere, the atmosphere would NOT rotate with the Earth fast enough to prevent the winds. the Earth is stationary, so is its atmosphere. This can be observed from the space.

9. I'm tired of writing. I just had to speak the truth. It will defend itself over time, no matter how many idiotic, pseudo-scientific, media-supported "arguments" you will post.

10. Live with that.
Wow its difficult to know where to begin, its just all so, wrong. I especially like the claim that if the Earth is spinning (which it is), then people would weigh twice as much in Canada as on the equator, it took all of a few hours before someone posted some maths that show that in fact you weigh approximately 0.2% more in Canada than at the equator. The best bit is that this guy (Pawel Kolasa) has a website, its full of all the crazy kind of stuff you would expect. Its got to be a parody, no one could be that mad/egotistical really, I hope, regardless, enjoy.

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