Sunday, April 15, 2007

Science At The Bleeding Edge

Two new and very interesting press releases to do with Physics have just been released, both of which I'm sure will end up on the ADiots anti-science webpage.

The first is explained much better than I ever could over at the Cosmic Variance blog, the gist of the story is that the MiniBooNE experiment has found some interesting results to do with Neutrinos, they are possibly weirder than we thought, don't look to me for an explanation though.

The second is the first results from the Gravity Probe B, this orbiting satellite is designed to test for the effects of General Relativity as it streaks round the Earth. The results so far are a stunning verification of General Relativity to much higher accuracy than has been possible with this type of experiment before.

To anyone keeping score, that a 0 for 2 for the Autodynamics crowd.


IbaDaiRon said...

Well, since no one else is commenting I will:


Thanks for posting links to things like this; I probably wouldn't come across them on my own!

Marc André said...

Someone asked about Gravity Probe at AD central. So let me guess, ADherents will blame the results on a miscorrection of the "polhode" motion and classical torques of the gyros.

For MiniBooNE, well, if you don't believe in the existence of Neutrino, I'm guessing one could argue that the experiment doesn't prove anything as such.

marc andré said...

As a was saying: