Wednesday, April 11, 2007

They're Back - 9 - The One In Which DdH Jumps To More Conclusions

Dave's latest diatribe is quite funny:
Mark has edited himself into the convoluted wikipedia article on
Autodynamics as a "critic".

Mark my man, you have guts! You are setting yourself up for a big
fall and you seem to be totally oblivious to the fact. Why you are
doing this to yourself must be deeply rooted in your emotional side.

Why people set themselves up for disaster is tough to understand.

The biggest lie besides the misinterpretation and representation of
the velocity sum in this article is Mark's moniker as a "contributor"
to the AD.

You are DEFINITELY not that. I am banning you today given that you
show no ability to understand AD or the basics of physics even though
you write reams on the subject.

Goodbye and good luck and hope that your new name or existing name
hides you well in this group. You will have to now change the wikipedia article
to say you were banned.

Any article that even alleges Carezani's PHD degree is more
of a vendetta from frustrated people than the reporting of the truth
- something there is little of in the wikipedia article on Autodynamics.

But don't worry everyone, we will be revealing our answer to wikipedia
this year. Stay tuned! The real article on Autodynamics will be very different
and Mark and no one else will be able to do anything about it. We will be
giving a paper on the subject at the NPA meeting.

And thanks to all the AD bashers out there! Without you, we would have
less traffic to our site. Your sacrifice of truth, common sense, ability to
listen, study and learn - ALL in front of the entire world to see - is quite
curious and kamikaze-like.

We thank you all - specially the ones that are creating entire new categories
for AD. Props to my favorite kamikazes Ron and Mark!

I especially like the fact that he assumes that I edited the wikipedia link. A quick check of the change history reveals the real culprit, a jg1981, I wonder who that could possibly be? Not Mr (soon Dr) J Geach perhaps? To be found on my links at room311? Thanks Jim, I wondered why I was getting a hit or two a day from wikipedia, now we all know. I agree with Dave though, I've contributed nothing to the AD people except to point out the obvious flaws in their theory, I'm not too happy with the way its worded and have therefore just changed it.

As for setting myself up for a fall what does he actually mean? Is it some sort of threat? Even if the impossible happens and AD was to be proven correct, would that affect me in any way? No, not really, science is all about being wrong, I'm quite happy to change my mind when things turn out to not to be true. Would it affect my career? Again No, everyone else in science would be wrong so its hardly likely that I would suffer any special punishment. So I really am at a loss about what he thinks could happen to me.

It sounds to me like Dave is planning his own wacked out physics wikipedia, a la Conservapedia, can't wait for that. By the way, does anyone know what the NPA is? a Google search doesn't actually turn up anything physics related, could it be something to do with Nuclear Physics A? Or more likely for DdH's crew it could be the National Pigeon Association.

Another post hererants about a question someone has put to them about doing an experiment to show that their velocity sum is correct. He thinks that is me as well. Dave please listen very carefully, I shall say this again, if I am going to talk to you I do it without hiding behind false names or anonymously. I can't talk for others that you may associate with me, but I have no time for those games, I tell what I believe to be the truth, to your face (well as close as you can get online).

I can understand why DdH finds this idea of me being honest and open difficult, back in the day he was quite the terror of the discussion board world, dozens of different names and accounts, always pretending to be a newbie with a question about a theory they just stumbled across (Autodynamics), basically he was just trolling for recruits. So when he looks at me I believe he is simply seeing his own methods and dishonesty reflected.

Oh and Dave, you or any of your band are still more than welcome to discuss things over here, I won't silence a critic, especially on false premises. As long as you keep things polite mind you, so I guess that means asking Lucy to calm down a little.


CMB said...

Ahahahaha oh god that is too perfect. I assume the NPA he refers to is This one, the Natural Philosophy Alliance, which is

devoted mainly to broad-ranging, fully open-minded criticism, at the most fundamental levels , of the often irrational and unrealistic doctrines of modern physics and cosmology

I do rather like some of the talk abstracts from their old conferences.

Mark Norris said...

Nice so its actually a cranks conference! I wonder if the iron sun will be making an appearance.

tdr said...

Having read this post on the AD discussion board, I think I finally understand where their confusion about relativity comes from. Lucy Haye is correct though - I'm afraid NASA won't pay you billions of dollars for this knowledge. They seem to use gravity assists frequently already.

IbaDaiRon said...

That NPA is definitely the right one.

From the Autodynamics website:

The infamous atomic clock experiment has been refuted and the data is bogus. In a swarm meeting of the AAAS in Flagstaff Arizona in 1996, Dr. Domina Spencer, physics mathematician from the University of Connecticut, presented a talk "Analysis of the Hafele-Keating Experiment". She received the raw data from one of the authors of the original experiment and concluded that the data published was "completely and utterly fabricated".

You might find this interesting:

Meeting Report, Flagstaff SWARM/AAAS Meeting, June 1996, Revised 10/18/97.

I also found a page for the good doctor at UCONN: Domina Spencer.

I don't know about you all, but that's pretty close to how I picture Gramma Luce!