Monday, August 28, 2006


I've been looking at some Globular Cluster data for NGC 3115 recently, its data I took at the CFHT in March '05 but due to more pressing demands I've only got to it recently. I'm trying to write an IDL package that will reduce the CFHT MOS data more efficiently than IRAF, at present I'm trying to deal with the Wavelength Calibration and rectification problems, which are a real pain. In 5 minutes of despair I decided to make a colour picture of the galaxy to clear my head, and here it is. It just shows you how cool the STIFF package for making pretty astronomy pictures is.

Although it looks pretty the picture is fairly meaningless, as I had only two bands (B and R) so had to interpolate so that I could get three to match to R,G,B.

Still you can see that this S0 galaxy has a fairly strong disc, if I get the time I may produce an image to show that the disc is bluer than the rest of the galaxy too.

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