Monday, August 28, 2006

Crank Watch: Case 1

When I decided to start keeping this blog I planned to use it to ruminate on some of the more outlandish theories in the world of science (and astronomy in particular), the goal was going to be somewhat higher brow, a path towards enlightenment for all.

However having spent some time checking out some of these "independent thinkers" I've decided to hell with it, they're all nuts. It may be just shooting fish in a barrel but I'm sure it'll provide some entertainment on the upcoming dull winters evenings if we just point out the flawed logic, terrible misunderstandings and criminal liberties that they take with the truth.

Onward to our first genius. Find it here.

At first clance it seems to be a general bit of wierd bible study. Generally I would tend to stay away from that sort of madness but something caught my eye. Click through to here. It appears our friends at kingdom research believe all the craters on other solar system objects are the result of some sort of war between aliens. Obvious isn't it. I mean its not like we've never seen natural objects hitting solar system bodies. Oh but wait, we have, dozens of times. Like say a bloody great comet hitting Jupiter.

My favourite bit is this in reference to the picture at the top.:

"2. Many of these crater chains show darkened or lightened "splash" areas along the lines of cratering. Comment by exmilitary personnel; (And we are in agreement!)
"It appears that what ever was being shot at, got hit, and hit hard." "Something on the left got hit on the ground and the one on the right, above ground in flight."

Our opinion about what got hit? We don't know yet."
(that was their bold emphasis)

Well there you go, you learn something new everyday.