Thursday, August 31, 2006

The End of the World - Or at least productive work

Normally I can't really fault the smooth running of the department, if something breaks its generally fixed rapidly, reasonable requests for new equipment are supplied without question, however of late I have begun to notice a creeping problem that if left alone may well lead to the demise of this prestigious instution as a world renowned centre for learning. I speak of course about the coke machine located just below me (the only one in the building). As anyone who has ever worked in research involving the use of computers will know, a steady supply of Coca Cola is as essentially to the act of programming as the electricity that drives the computers.

Of late some changes have been made which I think probably reflects naivety on the part of whoever stocks the machine. Of the 6 options in the machine 5 of them are now either Z brands (Fanta Z, Dr. Pepper Z. Sprite Z.) or diet Coke (two slots), leaving only one lot of good old fashioned "full fat" coke. I'm not sure about who stocks the machine but either they do not understand the demographic of these brands correctly, or they are attempting some sort of social engineering, attempting to improve our health. Either way I'm against it, I can only hope that they notice soon that they've made a major cock up, the problem being that the propper coke sells out two days after a refill, the diet coke 5-6 days later, and the rest never get emptied. Surely this isn't good for business.

On another coke related rant, I just paid 60p for a can of Dr Pepper Z (no coke available) only for a Fanta Z to emerge. Just not my day today.