Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Measure of a Town

(Thanks to The Onion for the pic.)

I've just come across a very amusing story on the BBC news website, it turns out that my home town is the tenth worst place (or best if your into that) in the country for obesity, go Ashington! (aka Wansbeck), so now we have reached dizzying heights in polls for fatness and teenage pregnancy. I'm waiting for the alcoholism stats now so that we can make it a sweep.

Check out the story here and see how your town does.

Slightly worryingly now that I reside in Durham City, it appears that I'm sandwiched (bad choice of word probably making the chubbies back home hungry) between two even fatter areas (Easington and Sedgefield). I would tend to think that a strong selection effect is probably in evidence in Durham though, its a fairly hilly city, the kind of place that puts off people that weigh appreciable fractions of a ton, or at least forces them to lose some weight.

Nevertheless after checking my BMI is a fairly respectable 21.6 I've decided maybe I should be heading to the gym a bit more regularly.


NPR said...

I don't understand the picture.

Mark Norris said...

Its a very funny picture from the Onion. I use this blog as an excuse to show it.