Monday, March 24, 2008

No Intelligence Allowed - 2

Continuing the series, my last post didn't make it through, my latest attempt is at the end of this copy:

Blogger Forthekids said...
Yo, Mark...flipped another one of your posts off into space. Dude, quit repeating yourself, and read the Q&A. The answers to your questions ARE THERE.

Ya blind? Quit making me repeat myself.
3:51 PM

Blogger Forthekids said...
Jon, PT's forum has all kinds of nonsense about the flick.

Start here, and notice also that Kristine gives J-Dog the big "Shhhh", when he mentions that someone should tell PZ about the event. Kinda tellin' no?

Whatever....they've been talking about the movie over there for ages. It's pretty obvious that some of the bloggers and forum regulars have been planning to go to screenings, and obviously many of them have been refered to as "private". That means something in my book, and they know it as well.

Nobody has stopped them from going in as far as I know. Even PZ's group was allowed in the movie.
8:31 PM

I didn't think that that post would make it through, so I took the liberty of copying it on my blog, that way everyone can see that nothing untoward was being said.

I've been through your FAQs and their links, at least as much as I can manage, I don't have a lot of free time. The nearest I got to an explanation of why ID is an inherently fundamentalist Christian phenomenon was this:

Certainly, Christian, Islamic and Jewish belief systems consider this designing source to be "God" or "Allah", but it appears that even pantheistic religions question Darwinism (in it's materialistic definition) as is seen in the views of the Dali Lama.
Notice that this doesn't claim that anyone else is actually working on ID, I also found this link in the FAQ, the question is:

Is ID just in the US or is it International?

The response is:

FAQ still in progress.

I guess thats a no then.

If you know of some links that show the ID research being done by non-Christians it would be appreciated if you just gave me them, I really don't have time to be trawling the internet if someone else can save me the time.


Andrew said...

The whole PZ stunt was a set up.

A family member of his called management and made a big point that he was there and was going to protest during the film.

Notice that no one else was denied admittance.

Who ya kidding?

PZ wanted this to happen, succa.

Mark Norris said...

Really, I hadn't heard this version before. How come none of the ID people at the screening, including the producer made that claim? Who exactly is making it now?

Notice that no one else was denied admittance.

Seems odd that they would think Dawkins would behave himself though doesn't it?

This is at least the 4th version of events from the ID side. It really doesn't help your legitimacy does it? At least Myers/Dawkins have one version of what happened, as to being a set up, well they clearly intended to go there, I don't think they expected the ID people to shoot themselves in the foot so spectacularly though.