Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Expelled - No Intelligence Displayed

FtK has more dishonesty on display today regarding the PZ Myers/ Richard Dawkins PR coup of the other day :

I hate to say it....



*BIG HUG AND KISS* to both PZ & Richard. You guys are the best! Who da thought you'd help us fill the theatres!!!


EXPELLED controversy top issue in blogosphere

Hundreds Turn Out for Seattle Screening of Ben Stein Film Expelled

It is a stellar day for Intelligent Design...

There are a couple of important points/disclaimers about her post that I think she should be more up front about, the first point I made I'll let her off for, it may simply be too subtle to realise that a previously invited crowd of people who already share your beliefs are unlikely to have been affected by the last weeks events. The second just shows her being dishonest, presenting a press release from the makers of the film without commenting that that is what it is. Anyway here is my comment which will probably never see the light of day on her blog.

Following the second link:

A crowd of 350 invited guests attended a pre-screening of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed tonight in Seattle's Pacific Place.

So how did the Myers/Dawkins incident influence this turnout?

This screening was for 350 invited guests, presumably invited before the terrible PR debacle (from an ID POV) of the other day. It's not like these were people that heard about the incident and thought they would like to see the film, they were just like every other audience for the pre screenings carefully selected beforehand to agree with ID.

The first is a link to a press release from the producers of the film, hardly a balanced view. Go on FtK, why not "teach the controversy" and link to PZ's post where he raises his objections to that bit of PR. This is a chance for you to prove that your not like those close minded evolutionists you dislike so much.

In fact here is the link for you:

Sometimes its not what is said, but what is unsaid that matters.


Andrew said...

Well, I will say this.

Why are you types such arrogant pricks?

Is that helping "Science" education and publis understanding?

Is PZ?

Is Dawkins?

Of course not, and thats not the point, it it? Dawkins as much as said that the point is eliminating religion, not "science" education per se.

Quit yanking my dick.

Mark Norris said...

Which is the more arrogant:
to say I have direct, verifiable, repeatable evidence for a particular theory which explains how life evolves, or to say: everyone should be taught my own personal religious beliefs which have no scientific evidence as if they have equal weight to the scientific explanation?

I can't speak to Dawkins motives, but it doesn't change the ultimate fact that the majority of people in the world disagree with the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian view of how life has come to be, yet you given the choice would force everyone to be taught your particular faith as if it was science. I wonder if you would be so keen if teach the controversy also includes the Hindu, Shinto, Ancient Greek, Viking interpretations.

The scientific position, as well as having the benefit of being true, it equally acceptable/unacceptable to people of all faiths.

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