Wednesday, May 09, 2007

They're Back - 10

In the latest broadside to the scientific community AK over at the autodynamics discussion board has this to say regarding the latest results from the Gravity Probe B:

Ah, why one has to prove (empirically) a theory which is deductively inconsistent is right or wrong? In either way it is a conspiracy to mislead the public and make them agree to spend huge sum of public money. GR is just an embarrassing nonsense. It was emperor's new cloth and the party is over. Sorry for spoiling the party.


Not really much to say except that I wish I, and any in fact any physicist that has ever looked at General Relativity were as smart as A.K., look as I might, I just can't see the inconsistency in a the theory. The fact that it has been experimentally confirmed every time it has been tested also causes me to scratch my head in confusion, I just must not be smart enough for this game.


jim said...

there is a common theme amongst these cranks: conspiracy complexes. these people don't seem to understand that scientists love controversy, and would relish the challenge of having to actually reformulate GR... unfortunately, because it has been proven accurate on so many occasions we don't get this choice. you get the feeling that these idiots will come up with any absurd reason why the experiment was flawed (even claiming there is a mass conspiracy amongst the academic community towards the lay person) until their own theories are supported. which will never happen. these people make my blood boil.

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