Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Popularity Contest For Nation States

The BBC has an interesting article on world opinion on countries. There are no real surprises, except that the UK is generally seen as a positive influence on the world, even after the Iraq debacle. Oh and that Iran is marginally more of a "Great Satan" than the US. The figure below shows the details on selected countries. Head over here for the full article.


Biby Cletus said...

interesting stuff you have got here keep up the good work.

regards Biby - Blog

NPR said...

Well obviously this poll settles it. Let's nuke Israel, Iran and North Korea and the world will be a better place.

Mark Norris said...

So what's your technical definition for countries we would be better without then? More than 50% think its a bad influence, less than 25% good, something like that?

Anonymous said...

I think the only fair way to do it is to nuke any country with a mainly positive value of less than 45 or a mainly negative value greater than 28

NPR said...

No. I just don't like Israel, Iran and North Korea - or the people in them, they are all "hardliners". That's my only criteria. Up with the liberal intelligentsia, down with the religious folk!!

IbaDaiRon said...

I just don't like Israel, Iran and North Korea - or the people in them, they are all "hardliners".

Ah...you've met and talked with everyone in those three countries?

Impressive. :)

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