Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nut of the Week.

After a quick look at the badastronomyblog I came across this link, its basically by some right wing nut that thinks the dwarf planet formerly known as Xena has been renamed Eris as some sort of dig at the war in Iraq.

His reason? Well, Eris (thats her up there apparently) is the Greek god of strife and discord, and Mike Brown the discoverer works in California and, er, well, thats it really.

Here's a quote, something I note he doesn't bother with that much, I mean what statements is he talking about? I don't know, he hasn't bothered reprinting them.

Come on! The only obvious thing is that he was taking a cheap shot at world affairs (and one can only assume at the USA). Why assume the anti-war vibe? Because of his own statements, coupled with the fact that he is from the California Institute of Technology.. located in far west Moonbat country.

Of course back in the land of the lucid the name was chosen because of all the flap this object has caused in the astronomical community (i.e. the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet). Some of you know I think the definition stinks, mostly because if you follow it exactly the Earth, Jupiter and Neptune are no longer planets either. Whoops.

However this nut, thinks that somehow the name has been chosen to make a point about the War in Iraq, well if it was its pretty lame really, I mean how many of you would have figured that out? Not me thats for sure. How many Americans have a good enough knowledge of Greek mythology to pick that one up? Or maybe that was the point, we're all meant to be laughing at the joke but not explaining it to them right?

What do you mean that's what the email said?

I never got any damn email.

Uh oh, I'm in trouble now.

Seriously though, I think everyone should leave him a message or two, urging him to start back on his medication, I already have.


Mike Janitch said...

Obviously you didn't do any follow up work, and lazily reported what you read somewhere else...

If you had done any homework, you would have seen that Phil Plait, from Bad Astronomy called Michael Brown (the discoverer of Eris) and asked him directly about the question I raised about the names being politically motivated..

You would see that I WAS RIGHT in my assumption... and vindicated by Michael Brown himself, when he said QUOTE : "Certainly, the words 'Strife' and 'discord' have obvious resonance with current events".

Either take down this lame attempt at smearing me, or correct your original article to reflect the real facts of what happened.

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Mie Helal said...

Keep it up